Dirty Bulking Foods

Lots of us love the bulking season. Regardless if you want to bulk up with dirty bulking foods or clean foods, the bulking season allows us to eat more, and that’s such an enjoyment. Many of us think of bulking up with a calorie surplus in a way of eating pretty much anything in sight. I must tell you that this is a pretty common mistake.

  • While it could be helpful, because you’re eating in a big calorie surplus and you workout hard – you gain muscle, it is not very healthy and you gain more fat than you would love to as well.

So, knowing how to count macros and keep track of your calories is actually very important during any type of diet. Even if you’re searching for a bulking diet during a bulking cycle.

Anyway, if you don’t really care about how much fat you may gain and you do not plan to stay on a dirty bulking for years (please don’t, because while you may not care about the fat amount you may gain, staying on a dirty bulking plan for years is just unhealthy!) – you’ve come to the right place. In the end, when you want to gain weight, it kinda makes sense. And we get it – you want to gain weight regardless.

I always recommend a healthy clean bulk because during a dirty bulk, you usually consume way too much sugar and fat leading to potential health risks (as said). But if you want to gain as fast as possible, a dirty bulk is the best.

So, if you’re unsure which dirty bulking foods are the best – this is the best place to find out. If you opt for a dirty bulk, check the foods you should aim for.


We all know that burgers are considered junk food and that’s because of their high amount of calories and carbohydrates. However, they can be a great way to up your calories as long as that’s exactly what you’re searching for. That’s why burgers are often the first on the dirty bulking foods list. It could be McDonalds or flipping burgers at home on the barbecue. Although, I would opt for the second one for being healthier.

Generally, burgers are an amazing food source for those used to eating heavily. This type of food for bulking won’t be an issue for regular meals. Two quarter pounders with cheese will pump up the 1,000 calories offering 60g of protein at the same time. Making or buying a ½ lb beef burger can be a pretty good food for your dirty bulking plan.


Being the most popular food in the world, it’s hard to say no to a pizza. The advantage of a dirty bulking plan? It’s the only diet plan that allows you to have it. Pizza is among the most popular and among the top bulking foods as it could easily help you pack 1400 calories. I would still opt for a pizza that can deliver 60 to 70g of protein. Usually, those are pizzas with meat. Anyway, all pizzas will offer a decent amount of protein because they’re all made using eggs and at least some form of cheese. Needless to mention pizza tastes delicious too. It is among the best foods for dirty bulking.


Pretty sure you did not expect milk to be seen in the list of dirty bulking food, did you? Milk can be a great addition to various other good bulking foods such as oatmeal, shakes, and overnight oats. Add it to smoothies or shakes for that protein boost even if you’re not a big milk fan.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is not the first food choice when it comes to bulking, however, it can be helpful. The thing is – it depends on the ice cream time. The artificial ice creams will not pump up protein amounts and will not offer any nutritional value. However, you could go for the ice creams packed with proteins and you’ll also get extra calories that support your muscle growth.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter, in fact, is found in the list of clean bulking foods too. The great advantage here? You can have the enjoyment of eating way more of it. While peanut butter is limited during a clean bulking diet, you can have a lot of it during dirty bulk. Two tbsps will get you 190 calories and 7g of protein! You could have a peanut butter sandwich, and add it to smoothies and protein shakes! It is an amazing snack for bulking, adding extra calories, protein, healthy fats, and micronutrients!


Do you love Mexican food? Great! Grab a flour tortilla and pack in a ton of vegetables and rice with some chipotle. That’ll give you an awesome boost in protein and calories. Burritos are popular and among the best foods for dirty bulking.

Mozzarella Sticks

Just three mozzarella sticks can pump up the number of 200 calories and 13g of protein! Mozzarella sticks can be one of the best snacks for bulking adding lots of proteins and calories.


There’s no doubt that a sub from something like Subway or Jimmy Johns doesn’t have the best ratio of calories vs macronutrients. However, they will still help increase calories and protein numbers too. Additional bonus – they are reasonably priced too.

Candy Bars/ Cookies

Believe it or not, they are one of the best foods for bulking as they add lots of calories, carbs, and fats. Not only that but after you’re putting your body through a brutal workout (which you should if you want to build muscle) – they’re a great source to restore glycogen. Just go for the ones that offer more protein.

Chicken Tenders

If you’re hunting for dirty bulking foods, you must add chicken tenders to your food list. Awesome snacks! Handful of chicken in bite-sized pieces for great prices with a great increase in protein and calories you need. Moreover, you don’t need to eat them alone. Add them to a tortilla or sandwich if you want to. Add them to a chicken tender sandwich combo and you’ll get 1,140 calories with 50g of protein.


Please keep in mind that this is the list of dirty bulking foods. Going through a dirty bulking diet is almost always going to add excess fat gain and pose some potential health risks as you consume a lot of fat and sugar. You could choose to bulk up the clean way as we can help with that.

Moreover, we can help kick a dirty or clean bulking plan too. While you follow a bulking plan with a proper hypertrophy workout plan, you can get even bigger, even faster.

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