Can Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

When we hear about steroids, the media makes us think that they are full of side effects, extremely dangerous, and barely helpful. Yet, real life scenarios prove it wrong. While in no way I’m trying to say that side effects are safe and do not have any side effects, I’m just trying to say that they are not potentially as dangerous as you may think about it. While they are actually highly effective at growing muscles, and getting you strong with a ripped six pack, you still should not ignore the potential side effects.

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So, one of the most common and most popular steroid side effects is hair loss. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

It’s important to understand that as with any medication, there are side effects that you should be aware of. After all, lots of anabolic steroids are still approved by the FDA for the purpose of treating various health purposes. This fact alone proves that they can be highly effective and fairly safe. It’s just the fact that you need to use them correctly.

But, Do Steroids Actually Cause Hair Loss?

Before we continue, it’s very important to understand that there are two types of steroids: corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. Although both are steroids, they are extremely different from one another.

Corticosteroids are not effective for bodybuilding purposes. It is the anabolic steroids that help grow and bulk up because they affect androgen levels (unlike corticosteroids). But because they affect the androgen levels – yes, this can cause problems related to androgenic alopecia (popular as male pattern baldness).

So, a simple answer is: yes, anabolic steroids do have the potency to cause hair loss. However, it doesn’t mean that it will happen. There are lots of factors to consider.


Steroids and Hair

The reason steroids can cause hair loss is because all anabolic steroids have some androgenic activity. The higher the androgenic activity – the higher the risk of causing this side effect. In addition to that, the higher the dosage – the higher the risk too. That’s why, if you use only mild steroids with low androgenic activity in lower doses, chances are way lower of hair loss occurring than using powerful steroids with high androgenic activity in higher doses. Cycle length also plays a role.

Not only that, but male pattern baldness (alopecia) has a strong relationship with your genetics. This means that some people are more likely to suffer from alopecia than others simply due to their genetics. That’s why some people may use mild steroids and still experience hair loss, while others use powerful steroids in higher doses and still have strong, healthy, and thick hair.

  • The point is – if you do not have the genetic trait of losing hair, you’re unlikely to lose it, with or without steroids. But if you do have it, you are very likely to lose your hair, with or without steroids. It’s just the fact that steroids can speed up the process.

Not only that, but many people seem to report their hair regrowing back after stopping the cycle of anabolic steroids. That’s because they do not have high androgen levels anymore. It all occurs because of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). That hormone occurs as a result of testosterone converting to DHT. And DHT is the “enemy” of scalp hair. That’s why it depends so much on genetics. That’s why some people notice their hair growing back after a cycle of steroids.

How To Treat/Prevent Hair Loss From Steroid Use?

As said, men with genetic traits to lose hair (suffer from alopecia) are likely to suffer from it with or without steroids. It’s just the fact that steroids may speed it up.

Nonetheless, if you are experiencing hair loss due to steroid use (for any reason) there are various things you can do.

First off, opt for steroids that are safer for your hair

While all steroids can speed up hair loss, some steroids are safer for it, because they have lower androgenic activity. The safest steroids for hair are Anavar (Oxandrolone), Primobolan (Methenolone), and Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone). The worst steroids, however, are Trenbolone (because of huge androgenic activity) and Winstrol (Stanozolol) – because it is DHT based.

Go for lower doses and shorter cycles

Needless to mention the higher the dosages of steroids and the longer the cycles – the more likely they are to “do their job” of causing hair loss.


This product has been proven effective at stimulating growth or at least maintaining hair follicles. Many men suggest that it is helpful. Some even use it for beard growth. But steroids are way more effective at beard growth, because DHT is the enemy of head hair, but is effective at boosting beard growth.


This is a prescription medication that doctors prescribe to patients suffering from male pattern baldness (alopecia) and/or an increase in prostate size. Finasteride reduces DHT levels, that’s how it fights off baldness. The problem is that Finasteride can cause a myriad of side effects.

Special shampoos with special ingredients

There are some special solutions, shampoos, and lotions that have proven effective at targeting hair growth and preventing its loss. They stimulate your scalp and hair follicles. While it may not be as effective, it will surely not hurt.


Your diet and hair loss have way more in common than you may think. If you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals, it’s no wonder you can start noticing shedding. Even without steroids. Make sure you get essential vitamins for hair such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and biotin!

In The End

Some people suggest that if you experience hair loss – that’s good. It means your steroids are working. That’s actually a myth because steroids can work even without causing it. If you’re worried about steroids causing hair loss, follow the methods above in order to keep your hair intact.

Moreover, make sure you buy anabolic steroids of high quality from trustworthy sources. That’s because scammers may attempt to sell you other substances mixed with your steroids or god knows what else might be in those substances. So, while you think that you use Deca Durabolin which is safe for your scalp, it could be Trenbolone that it is not.

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